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FGOG Healing bar Turmeric & Ginger

FGOG Healing bar Turmeric & Ginger

SKU: TG236

FGOG Turmeric & Ginger soap will put you in a better mood. A disinfectant stimulates your mood and revitalizes your body.

FGOG Healing Bar is a bar of handmade soap. It helps to fight cellulite since it stimulates your blood circulation with its refreshing and vitalizing effects. Men and women can use our soap. Since it is spicy, some skin types may require FGOG La'Smooth Skin Oil to re-hydrate after use.

With our healing bar expect thick lather from FGOG Turmeric & Ginger soap.

It is suitable for oily, combined, and dry skin

Turmeric and Ginger together benefit:

Turmeric can help reduce localized inflammation caused by acne, psoriasis, eczema, and burns.

The ginger improves blood flow to the tissues beneath the skin and stimulates blood circulation

It supports energy

This turmeric soap is suitable for infection-prone skin


You’ll fall in love with this soap's thick lather and gentle cleansing!

Base ingredient: goat's milk--- Gentle for our skin.

Our soaps are all high-quality hand-crafted products, but we cannot guarantee the pattern design of the soaps.

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