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F.G.O.G Purse Size "FYE" hot sauce

F.G.O.G Purse Size "FYE" hot sauce


NOW AVAILABLE in a smaller size "FYE" hot sauce bottle. Yes, we have a wider neck bottle for easier pouring. Our "FYE" hot sauce is hot but it's "FYE". What is "FYE"? Fye is a slang word for fire, which means something is good. Hence the name "FYE" hot sauce.

F.G.O.G's "FYE" hot sauce is made with fresh habanero, jalapeno peppers, vegetables, and fruits from our organically grown garden. Fitzgerald's Garden of Goodies takes pride in growing all of our ingredients from seeds.  Order your easy-to-carry size "FYE" hot sauce TODAY. (1oz bottle)

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