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F.G.O.G Jake & Jill organic fertilizer (Bunny Grow)

SKU: ppm 5000
$69.99 Regular Price
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Fitzgerald's Garden of Goodies has experimented with different fertilizers in the past and gained results. However, F.G.O.G has tested and designed a liquid organic concentrate fertilizer from rabbit poop. Our fertilizer has been proven to boost the growth of newly sprouted seedlings and give them a foundation of strong healthy stems/stalks. By using F.G.O.G Jake & Jill organic fertilizer your garden will be greener and healthier than you have ever seen. F.G.O.G. has a documented study on the use of rabbit poop as fertilizer. We offer PPM2500 and PPM 5000 (5 gallons). Dilute with water to gardeners' desired strength.  6lbs (Box will be delivered fertilizer will inside plastic) Scoop as needed. Time-released organic fertilizer (