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Women Growing Hemp in Georgia

Did you know Georgia had female farmers growing HEMP? Yes, I went to a farmer's conference last weekend and was blown away. One lady said she went to Kentucky and learned all she could because she wanted to be the first black woman to grow hemp in Georgia. However, as usual, female farmers in the industry have struggles, and to top it off these are black women farmers.

Why does it always have to be a struggle for us as black folks to do simple shit? We grow hemp gives us the same as you give others. Make all the resources available to us in this hemp business just as you do others. I learned of problems such as processors, it is not a hemp problem it is an agriculture problem. How can we get more processors? What do we need to do to make that happen? I also heard a few other struggles such as the cost of equipment and basic resources. Most of all the positive are the amount of economic stimulus it will give that grower. Think about all the many different medicinal benefits hemp provides people.

This week at #hits923atl I will be interviewing 2 pioneers in the agriculture industry LIVE on my radio show. These women are trailblazers for getting the message out about farming and other agriculture resources. It is Women's History month and I want to highlight Ms. Noreen Whitehead and Ms. Alexis Harris. I look forward to speaking with them more in-depth Friday, March 11, 2022, on my radio show Plant the Seed at 10 am. Download the Hits 92.3 app and you will never miss a show.

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