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We have the sauce!

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read our post. Fitzgerald's Garden of Goodies has brought "FYE" Hot sauce to you. We have harvested fresh goodies from our garden to bring to you some of the tastiest and hottest flavored hot sauce offered today. Our "FYE" Hot sauce has a sweet heat flavor. Yes, it's HOT but it's "FYE". What is "FYE"? Fye is a slang for fire meaning something is good. F.G.O.G's flavored "FYE" hot sauce can be used for a marinate with any of your meats. It is also great for squeezing "FYE" hot sauce on a hot fish sandwich or maybe on a taco with a dab of sour cream. Fitzgerald's Garden of Goodies is proud to offer you this healthy flavorful delicious hot sauce. Our garden is pesticide free. F.G.O.G's "FYE" hot sauce contains fresh ingredients grown from seeds in our garden. We would like for you to go to our shop and purchase some of our fresh "FYE" hot sauce, and give us a review, we need your feedback. Fitzgerald's Garden of Goodies will have 1oz bottles of "FYE" hot sauce on sale November 1, 2021 (purse size). Yes, we also have a milder version of F.G.O.G's "FYE" hot sauce available for purchase in a 1oz and 8oz size bottle. Thank you have a "FYE" day! ~Evelyn AKA Shiba

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