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January! What is in season? Fruits & Vegetables

Swiss chard, lots of it. Broccolini, Savoy cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts will warm you up, especially when used in soups. Now it’s also time for the Roman artichokes which make for delicious dishes.

January produce includes onions, fennel, curly endive, leeks, escarole, radicchio, turnips, beetroots, and cardoons. Among the traditional recipes to try out the cardoon gratin, leek and potato soup, radicchio risotto (the sweet tooth can add the gorgonzola cheese), and bean and kale soups.

January also opens its doors to plenty of seasonal fruits: apples, pears,

and kiwis along with fragrant citrus fruits, the real protagonists of the coldest days and an excellent source of vitamin C. Stock up on lemons, citrons, mandarins, oranges, and grapefruits to make liqueurs or marmalade, or try them in Savoury dishes: the zest can liven up many dishes, even the simplest. Apples and pears keep taking center stage in pastry: delectable sponge cakes, fruit tarts, pound cakes, and pancakes to bake with a little sugar to satisfy the desire for sweetness without exceeding the calorie supply.

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