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Garden Poetry in May!

I have been hosting my agriculture radio show since February 3, 2022. Every Friday I am on #Hits923atl radio station LIVE every Friday at 10 am. Tune in and let's help you grow, it's #Planttheseedradioshow. Follow us on Facebook Plant the Seed Radio Show. I am on Instagram too, @planttheseedradioshow.

I am requesting my listening that write or know someone that writes poetry or spoken word that would

love to have their artistic creativity broadcast on LIVE radio, to follow the directions as follows; spoken word with a twist (agriculture) submission for Garden poetry in May during Plant the Seed Radio Show on Hits 92.3 Atl. Choose ONE topic to write about, Seed saving, organic fertilizer, green thumb gardener, females in farming, or composting. Once you have your submission ready to submit, record your original poetry, go to click the shop tab locate the item that says Garden Poetry, and pay the submission fee of $15 then email ( your recorded original poetry, ONE of the agriculture topics that were previously listed.

(Make sure your submission is ready for the world to hear you)

I, Shiba Shiba the Green Thumb Diva believe in sowing seeds of inspiration through gardening and yes even through poetry. I have dived into an area I had no idea by being a female radio host of my agriculture radio show would grow on me so quickly, it has. I enjoy creating content and arranging my segments, I have always been a people person and my being a radio personality I not only get to talk about a subject I'm passionate about, agriculture. I enjoy booking and researching a guest for Plant the seed radio show. My goal is to inspire people to get back to growing their food. I have a mission to organize and be a resource for people that are interested in agriculture news from a new upbeat perspective on Plant the Seed Radio Show. If I will touch one person with Poetry in the Garden, I feel I would have been successful in sowing a seed of an agriculture subject.

I truly look forward to hearing your recorded submissions on ONE

of the topics given.

women in farming ,organicfertilizerszseedsavinggcompostingn ,g and green thumb gardener. Get the exposure of having your material broadcast LIVE on the radio. Add that to your resume.I willalsoofeatureyoungnmyfacebookkPageland andd Instagramm @planttheseedradioshow. Follow me and never miss an update on where and what the Diva is doing.

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