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Are your counters full yet?

During this time of the year, our harvest can become overwhelming. The harvest can abundantly g

et out of hand easily. Before you know it, your counter is full, your table is full, and your harvest is risking the chances of spoiling and going to waste. What are some solutions to this common issue?

Preserve! Canning is a wonderful option. Also, make a log. Call senior citizen homes maybe contact churches and shelters.

Here are a few preserving options for your harvest,

Freezer jam, Dehydrating, Freezing, Brine curing, Root cellar storage, Fresh storage, Water bath canning, Pressure canning.

Pick the right time to harvest and bring them indoors immediately to preserve the

harvest. Wrap your greens, and store some of your harvests in the dark. At the bottom of the refrigerator use your crisper. I would suggest handling your harvest as if they were flowers.

I hope these few simple tips will help you preserve your harvest.

I am Shiba Shiba the Green Thumb Diva

Plant the Seed! I am here to sow seeds of inspiration through gardening and more.

Happy growing and I will chat with you soon. Follow me on all social media platforms. Facebook & Instagram Fitzgerald's Garden of Goodies, LLC and

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